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Looking for a dumpster rental company that’s family owned, reputable, and affordable?
At Sipes & Sons we make dumpster rental simple, cost-effective and convenient.
Same Day Delivery

We offer 20 yard, 30 yard and 40 yard dumpsters to fit your project's needs!

All of our dumpsters come with a 7 day rental period and the first 4 tons of waste. No hidden fees!

We also offer competitive over-weight fees and additional days if needed.

Let us be your dumpster provider!

Not sure which size you need? Let us explain a few things...


Size Matters

Trash needs to be contained completely inside the dumpster box in order to be transported. There is a fill line marked on the sides of the dumpsters and it is very important to not overfill the dumpster. Generally, household items such as furniture and trash bags can easily fit inside of a basic 20 yard dumpster.


It's Not Just the Size of Your Garbage but the Weight as Well

Each dumpster comes with 4 tons of waste included in the price, but not all material weighs the same. Going over 4 tons will incur tonnage overweight fees. Some material weighs too much to transport. If you are filling the dumpster with heavy materials such as concrete, steel, bricks or roof shingles you are only allowed to fill the box halfway. If you have a lot of heavy material that needs to be relocated see our hauling section for more info.



Minor home renovation materials such as wood, carpet, furniture, and purchased items can usually fit inside a 20 yard dumpster.

Major home renovation materials such as concrete, roof shingles, windows and siding need to be inside a medium or large dumpster depending on the size of the renovation. Remember our rule about some items weight!

Household cleanout materials such as basement items, garage items, and general trash can fit inside a 20 yard dumpster 9 out of 10 times.

20 yard Roll-Off Dumpster

8'W x 20'L x 5'H

30 yard Roll-Off Dumpster

​8'W x 20'L x 6'H

40 yard Roll-Off Dumpster
8'W x 20'L x 8'H

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